The Apprentice – Week 10

Posted on November 24, 2009


Did anyone else find The Apprentice a little boring this week? Though I wasn’t Breffny Morgan’s biggest fan (I thought he was a gobshite) I think I missed him this week.


This weeks episode had a curiously bland quality to it, a simple enough task for someone who was capable of a smidgen of creativity, and two teams that, for the most part got on well, with any mishaps simply being recorded as differences of opinion rather than what the public wanted to see which was a full blown argument. With dismemberment. Ahem.


But anyway, just when tonight’s episode seemed to be moving dangerously close to disinterest for me as a viewer, Aoiffe saved the day. Launching into a back-seat rant about Geraldine (Eliza Doolittle), she offered the one and only moment of real human behaviour in the episode. The two teams interactions with each other were boring. I’ve been involved in college groups that have been more volatile than them.


So it came down to Aoiffe to put a bit humanity into the episode, and to be fair, she has been doing so since the beginning. She’s been realistic as a human being. She’s acted like a normal person. If we don’t like someone, we’ll have an oul’ bitch about them.


The Apprentice, at the end of the day is reality TV, with not much reality. Granted, it’s set up with a few frills so those of us who refuse to watch the tripe, generic RTV like Big Brother can convince ourselves that “this is reality TV with substance”.


The candidates are cast. There’s no way that out of the whole country, the 14 that started in the house were the most promising individuals. Breffny was cast for comic relief, which he delivered admirably, saying exactly the wrong thing, at the wrong time, in the wrong place, (“You can take it with you when you’re drink-driving”) Aoiffe and Geraldine were always going to be set up as an example of the Upper-Lower class dichotomy, and to be fair, their stormy rapport was probably the most entertaining aspect of the series so far. That and Breffny, of course.


So with 4 weeks left, Lucinda, Steve, Stephen and Geraldine remain in the competition. Lucinda, I like. She seems the strongest candidate to me, a good all-rounder, she seems to be able to generate a plan straight away and work to it. Lacking a bit in creativity alright but then after Sam, it doesn’t surprise me that the remaining group are a bit wary of being interesting in presentations.


English Steve is a one-trick pony, albeit, he is the equivalent of a pony that can walk on its front legs while serving champagne off a tray on his back legs, but still just a pony.


Stephen the red-head, well we don’t really know a lot about him do we? If Breffny was the one to use nine lives, Stephen has managed to be in teams which didn’t require him to use lives. I suppose it’s a testament to him that he’s stayed out of the boardroom for the most part, he must be doing something right. But he’s incredibly bland, isn’t he?


Geraldine, I don’t like. Simple as that. I think she’s spoofed her way through a good few of the tasks, and I reckon her saving grace so far has been her “inner city” charm which Bill has naturally taken to, it being so close to his own heart.


At this point, I see Lucinda in the last two. And despite what I’ve said, I think Stephen Higgins may be there aswell. The other two will be fired, Steve for his one dimensional attitude, and Geraldine because, as Bill put it tonight, she’s done nothing more than be a runner.


I’ll stick with the series to see who wins. But I doubt I’ll enjoy it as much now that the human factor (apologies to Graham Greene) has left the building.

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