RTE Holding Reins Of Ridiculous Schedule Stagecoach

Posted on January 22, 2011


The Daily Mail on Friday suggested the start of what would probably be a largely fruitless campaign to get our national broadcaster to show Mad Men, the cult genius show, at a more agreeable time of night. Stupid o’clock on a Monday night doesn’t really cut it for most people.

Sandwiching it between a rerun of Mrs Brown’s Boys (only two days after the first airing – barely time for the nasty feeling in your stomach to disappear before you’re hit with it again) and before a rerun of The Late Late Show. I’m not even going to go into details about what Ryan Tubridy does to my stomach, suffice to say it isn’t pleasant.

To be fair, Mrs Brown’s Boys, admittedly isn’t bad. When you consider the fact that RTE’s last comedy sitcom was Val Falvey TD, then you really can appreciate Mrs Brown’s Boys a lot more. But a repeat little more than 48 hours after it has originally aired is a bit much by anyone’s standards. The Late Late Show would be grand if, when each new guest comes out, the presenter would bugger off into a soundproof room and shout “Hooray” at himself for the rest of the show.

And let’s face it; it does look like RTE simply bought Mad Men so that TV3 couldn’t. It’s not the first time that our national broadcaster bought good shows and put them on at stupid o’clock simply so we could concentrate on what little bit of wood Duncan put here, or so we could watch a rerun of the history of the toy show, or how Dustin the Turkey shot to meteoric success before someone picked up a gun and shot him.

All of this quality programming RTE has to slot the like of Mad Men in around, where is it? What is it? Could someone please name one of these mystery programmes? Is there are an RTE1.5 that I missed on the TV guide button?

Last year I reviewed US series Castle starring the ever likeable Nathan Fillion. The only reason I saw it was because I have no life and was in on a Saturday night flicking through the TV stations when I stumbled across it sometime after midnight. Saturday night at midnight. Unless you’re old or, like me, boring, you’ll have missed this. And it really was a gem, a thoroughly likeable detective series that’s done very well in the States but it was given a graveyard slot over here.

In the same category, Damages, another brilliant US series starring Glenn Close was aired on Tuesdays sometime after midnight as well. Neither of these shows were available on RTE’s Player function either as far as I can remember. Castle definitely wasn’t.

Mad Men is a cult hit in the States and seems to have a large following on this side of the Atlantic as well when I consider that the most recommended show to me for the last three years has been it. And dear God but Christina Hendricks challenges Keeley Hawes for the Number 1 spot on my ‘I’d go gay for’ list.

Now just to draw some imaginary linking lines here, I don’t imagine RTE care too much about illegal downloading or anything of that sort but Eircom have recently pledged to fight it tooth and nail by…invading people’s privacy, there’s definitely something wrong with that modus operandi but how and ever.

So, one last question. I wonder how many of the series RTE are putting on at crazy times in the morning are currently being searched for by Irish downloaders? I would say Mad Men is certainly in the top ten TV downloads.

But what do I know? I have no life so I’ll probably catch it on Mondays.