And Now The End Is Near…

Posted on February 25, 2011



There’s just a little less than two hours left in General Election 2011 or #GE11 as it’s being heftily referred to on Twitter over the last 4 weeks. Somehow, it seems like it’s been going on for longer than a month though. In some senses it feels like it’s being going on for the last two years – an extended campaign of doom, gloom, misery and despair.


My vote has been cast and I’m left with nothing to do now except ponder what’s happened and contemplate what’s going to happen or have happened by this time tomorrow. If nothing else, I’ve learned a couple of things from the campaign this time around, having paid particularly strong attention in comparison to other years.


1. Fine Gael have used a few crazy strategies and multimedia tricks on their new (un-hacked) website. I was disappointed not to get a customised Blue Shirt Valentines Day card off anyone (you swine!) and am equally worried about the slipperiness of Enda’s shoes – Sonic The Hedgehog never slid off blocks to die on traffic cones…


2. I don’t for a minute believe that FG will cut Irish from the Leaving Cert curriculum so STOP PANICKING. They’re throwing out a bone for us to latch onto so they can carry out their other policies (which are probably only 75% thought through, as is the case with EVERY party’s policies during a General Election) with a bit of peace.


3. Lucinda Creighton should NOT be the FG spokesperson for Equality matters. She should also look up hypocrisy in the dictionary.


4. Speaking of dictionaries…Eamon Gilmore’s political dictionary at thedebates must have consisted solely of the words “get people back to work”. Stop repeating yourself Eamon! If I heard that phrase once I must have heard it a thousand times. It’s like having a drawstring toy that says “This is all I do. Don’t you feel cheated now?” I’m convinced that if you asked the man how much sugar he took in his tea he’d start babbling about getting people back to work in Siucra.


5. I want this t-shirt.


6. Sinn Fein made a serious boo-boo with Gerry Adams. My father believes the reason they accepted him back as ‘Southern’ leader was because he was better known than Ó Caoláin. Pity it’s for all the wrong reasons. The latest poll in the Sunday Indo showed that something like 76% of people questioned did not believe Adam’s denial of ties with the IRA. This alone damages his credibility, couple with the fact that he has to strip naked in order to count to 21. O Caoláin gave the party a more modern feel, a better face if you will. Adams, in my opinion has damaged any progress the party may have made in this election.


7. Wearing a pink shirt in your election poster will cause people to look twice. Perhaps even crash the car.


It’s been the most interesting election campaign we’ve seen in a long time, perhaps ever and to finish I have one little anecdote that pretty much sums up the last few years in this country.


At about 11am this morning, my father’s phone rang. My father, of course, is rarely attached to the phone to be able to answer it so I did. A local man had hit a pot hole up the road from us and busted out his front tyre. I told him I would go up to him with a car jack because his was AWOL.


The first thing he said when I arrived was, “Well I won’t forgot this voting day in a hurry.” I suspect none of us will.


I later remarked to my parents that had he not voted yet, he could very possibly have a clouded judgment following the €120 he’ll have to fork out for a new tyre.


This time tomorrow it’ll be all over. We wait with baited breath.