30 Day Film Challenge: Day Two

Posted on March 25, 2011


Least Favourite Film:

You would think I could think of a load of films that I dislike enough to put up as my least favourite film. And there are loads but when I was thinking about this earlier today, the one film that kept coming into my head was Avatar.

So I’m going to run with that. I’ve already complained quite sufficiently about Avatar here but it can’t hurt to do it again.

I’m not going to say too much though because everything is in the previous linked post.

James Cameron needs to get it into his head that he is not a screenwriter. He has no concept of how real people speak to each other, he clearly only uses a script because fancy effects can’t tell the story on their own. Character and plot development are sacrificed for the big, expensive and, let’s be fair here, very impressive special effects.

But that’s all Avatar is – a big advertisement for Cameron’s shiny new camera that he invented all on his lonesome and it’s going to change cinema and make him King of the World again.

Not that the Oscars really mean anything anymore, but Avatar’s loss was probably one of the most important results the film industry could have had in the past few years. A film needs to be a ‘Best Film’ for being an actual film. Not an expensive effects showcase that recycles someone else’s plot. A ‘Best Picture’ is made up of a number of different aspects: story, character, development of both, direction, look. Avatar neglects at least three out of the five things mentioned here.

And as someone who loves movies, from every decade, it neglected the three most important aspects as far as I’m concerned.

And actually, you know what, to hell with it, if I write anything else about this film it’ll annoy me so much I won’t be able to sleep tonight so that’s the lot on this one!