30 Day Film Challenge: Day Five

Posted on April 5, 2011


A Film That Reminds You of Someone

This is a difficult enough criteria to fulfil. I don’t really know if any films remind me of anyone or (tomorrow, hopefully) anyplace in particular. So I’m cheating a little bit.

On Facebook about a year, maybe more, ago, a friend linked a trailer for this film saying that it “looked like The Secret History with girls and diving boards”. So anytime I look at this film now, it reminds me of the person who linked it up on Facebook that first time. She knows who she is.

And it’s actually a pretty decent film too to be fair to it.

Filmed in Ireland, though it must have been a very well kept secret at the time because at that time if there was so much as a chocolate ad being filmed in Ireland I was trying to get a job on it…

Perhaps they didn’t want everyone to know that Bond girl Eva Green was going to be wandering around looking a hell of a lot hotter than everyone else within a twenty mile radius.

Telling the story of a teenage Spanish girl Fiamma who comes to a non-descript boarding school somewhere in England, Cracks looks quite nicely at the theme of jealousy and obsession in an all-girls school. For anyone who attended one, you’ll know that it’s the bitchiest environment you can possibly set foot in.

Eva Green plays the glamorous and not-what-she-appears-to-be diving instructor Miss G, whom the girls adore. Juno Temple is excellent as Di, Miss G’s clear favourite of the group. She tells stories of her travels in exotic lands that stretch the girls’ eyebrows up into their hairlines.

But the arrival of Fiamma sets in motion a chain of events. Quickly replacing Di as Miss G’s favourite, the young Spanish teenager, who suffers from a breathing condition becomes more than just a favourite to Miss G.

The tagline of the film is “Innocence isn’t lost. It’s taken.”

I will say no more than that.

Well worth a look if you want something a little different. If I had to compare it to something more accessible that The Secret History, I would say Dead Poet’s Society mixed with Notes on a Scandal.

Take a look.