Gamers gearing up for The Next Big Thing

Posted on April 14, 2011


Dan Murray & Liz Allaire in Pendulo Studios The Next Big Thing

Peundulo Studios make the games they like, the way they like them. Hot on the heels of the final instalment of their successful Runaway series, a successful largely cult followed franchise, Pendulo continue with the ever popular point and click interface with The Next Big Thing.


The Next Big Thing is due for release at the end of the month and tells the tale of two put-upon journalists working out of a Hollywood that is not only teaming with divas, damsels and dopes but monsters as well.

Based loosely on one Pendulo’s first games Hollywood Monsters (which was not available in any language other than Spanish) TNBT is a point and click adventure game in the beautiful 2D surroundings that gamers came to know and love in other similar games such as the Broken Sword and Myst series, the latter of which was bloody impossible.

The story starts at a party in the home of a blue skinned monster movie mogul where The Quill magazine have sent Liz Allaire and Dan Murray to cover the story. Liz is the ambitious and enthusiastic young hack, determined to make a name for herself while Dan is more than happy to sip from his hip flask and stumble along having been demoted from his position as sports writer after a disciplinary issue. When the pair spot a monster sneaking into the producer’s office, it seems like they have themselves a scoop. But when Liz disappears during her clandestine night time investigation, the next day Dan is reluctantly dragged in to save the story (and Liz if that’s convenient) in order to save his job.

A playable English demo is now available on the game’s official website and having played the first few minutes, my verdict is so far a resounding yes. The point and click interface is intuitive and it’s refreshing to sit down with a game that makes you use your brain to figure out a puzzle rather than decide what gun to use.

It’s also refreshing to look at a game and know that it’s a game, unlike the newer games now that look like you’re immersed into a movie. Call me old fashioned but I like my computer games to look like computer games.

And if you’re not convinced, check out the slide show and video. It looks gorgeous.

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