HD, Blu Ray, 3D, 4D, Double D, when will it end?

Posted on July 6, 2011


A HD-Ready TV

Ok so the very last one there is quite obviously the odd one out. Then again, with all the other ‘D-developments’ it might not be too long until you spot the last one on your TV screen quite easily as well.

Sitting down to watch the matches on Sunday, my mother had the start of the tennis final on and the BBC did the usual spiel of telling us where we could watch the final, how we could watch it, when, why and with whom. Personally, their answer to the last question left me feeling slightly dejected. I was hoping they would send me someone pretty but how and ever.

But what struck me most about it was the number of different medium through which it could be watched. Sure, internet, I get, that’s a good thing.

But then they mentioned something about the HD station, something which I don’t have and possibly may never had unless our TV literally ups and walks out the door. The next thing was 3D – if you have a TV that cost the same price as a house mid-boom, and a set of shiny yet silly looking goggles, you can watch the Wimbledon final in 3D.

You could also watch it in 3D if you GO TO IT.

I’ve already accepted the fact that I should have been born in a different era, country and possibly galaxy. But it seemed that I wasn’t the only one who has cottoned on to this technological phantasmagoria that is inflicting every minute of our lives.

A scene from The Oatmeal's Apple Comic Strip

You buy an iPhone 4, whoops, iPhone 5 comes out six months later. You’re out of date. In fact, if you’re someone who needs to be always up to date with everything, stay away from Apple products full stop. There’s a very entertaining ‘The Oatmeal’ comic detailing why.

EDIT: For some reason, that comic will not load on The Oatmeal’s main website. Basic gist: they’re so insanely expensive that you will end up homeless, not caring for the fact that your stomach is aching worse than a gunshot wound. The only thing that will bring you inner peace is the new Apple product. And once you’ve bought it, they’ll announce a new one. It’s a sickness. A horrible sickness.

But as I say, others have picked up on this idea. I went to the Wexford Theatre Royal (because it will always be the Theatre Royal to me, not the Opera Hosue) on Sunday night for a free evening of comedy courtesy of TV station ‘Dave’. The highlight of the night was obviously Tommy Tiernan, dare I say it, back to his hilarious best.

But before him, a Welsh comedian called Lloyd Langford was also highly entertaining, particularly in his spiel about, you guessed it, tech developments. Talking about 3D films, he joked that the main character throws a spanner every ten minutes just so the audience can really “feel the effect” of this amazing technology.

He added that in future, he wasn’t going to buy the 3D glasses to go see films. Instead he was going to bring a bag of spanners.

Call me old-fashioned, as many have done, but I like to know I’m watching a TV. Sure, HD looks so realistic that you think it could be in the same room as you. When I’m watching The Exorcist or The Walking Dead or pretty much 90% of anything that I watch, I’m watching it being thankful that it’s NOT in the same room as me. Although, if Alibi want to screen Nathan Fillion directly into my sitting room during reruns of Castle I guess I can make my peace with that.

But honestly, I like the older look of TVs, I like looking at a programme and not thinking that the life it’s showing looks clearer than the life I’m existing in. It’s so shiny and new looking and ultimately, I think, faker looking than a normal TV screen. It jars me, that’s the truth.

There’s something about watching a programme in HD, Blueray, etc that to me seems jerky. Old TV seems somehow smoother.

I suppose simply put, I’m perfectly happy with the representation of reality as opposed to the super-reality that all the new technology puts on display.

I reckon I may be in the minority of people with this opinion but that happens.

I like my TV to look like it’s happening on TV, not right in front of me.

Having said that, the previous mentioned offer is still open for Alibi to beam Nathan Fillion directly into my sitting room.

I reckon I could handle that.

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If anyone honestly feels that the slightly lower quality diminishes their enjoyment of something, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.