She Ain’t Afraid of no Ghost

Posted on October 31, 2011


Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) has fun listening to Castle's otherworldly theories in 'Demons'

Castle & Beckett confront the possibility of paranormal foul play when a world renowned ghost hunter is mysteriously murdered while investigating a haunting at a legendary New York mansion. (Synopsis from IMDB)


Following on from our art thief last week and gearing us up for a rollercoaster intense episode this week (tonight) ‘Demons’ was as almost all Castle episodes are, fun.


Because I’ve managed to let the run of episodes catch up with the frequency of my reviews I’m going to leave this one brief enough because I’m sure the next episode is going to draw a lot of speculation and such.


Just a couple of things: Alexis seems to be adapting to her new found freedom from Ashley. Her defiance when she suits up in high heels to go to the party is welcome, even if we’re pretty sure that there’s a relationship bombshell coming to hit her next week. Or at least that’s the general consensus as far as I can gather. It’s also quite refreshing to see Castle fretting over her in a different way to most TV parents.


In other series, Castle would moan to Beckett about his daughter going to parties but instead he’s worried about a far more mature issue, that of the power structure in her relationship with Ashley. That’s refreshing, if a little unrealistic because I think most parents would be more worried about the “I’m going partying!” attitude. But it’s another aspect of the unique character relationship the characters have and the unique nature of Alexis character which is always fun to watch.


All the cast have fun this week, don’t they? Like, really good fun. When Castle, Ryan and Esposito are deliberating over the crime story, you not only see how the two guys have been influenced by him but you also see that lovely, wry smile that Stana Katic does so well because she’s noticing the same thing and it’s highly amusing.


I’m a little disappointed that we didn’t get a Casa Castle Halloween party but hey, you can’t have everything.


Roll on ‘Cops & Robbers’.


Caskett Watch:


“Castle, I said legs!” That and Beckett winding him up with her ghost story – it’s nice to see them messing with each other like that. I also liked her remark of “How long have you known me? Of course I don’t believe in ghosts!”



Bromancing the Stone:


The guys double-date was highly enjoyable and a nice aside from the usual Beckett or Castle home life shots. The conversation the following day when Esposito reveals that he and Lanie have broken up is nice too.



Line of the Night:


Beckett: I’ve either had too much wine or not enough.