I am recently graduated, Irish journalist, with an interest in all areas of life but particularly arts, sport and culture.

I’ve always quipped in interviews or when meeting people that arts and sport seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of the kind of areas they are. Then again, if the government can have a minister for Arts & Sport, I can be a journalist for it.

This blog will cover a wide variety of areas. You’re likely to find a lot of reviews for TV, Film and Theatre here. You’re also likely to find GAA talk, rugby talk or any other kind of sport talk that’s making waves in the public domain.

If anyone would like to guest blog, or if anyone would like to contact me in regards to appearing on the blog in some fashion, as a contributor or as an interview/profile/preview etc, please get in contact.


My email is anna(dot)hayes23 (AT) mail (Dot) DCU (DOT) ie

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  1. mrredmond

    February 1, 2010

    You’ve got some seriously good stuff going on here, not so much rambling and ranting, that’s my thing! Very impressive though, what’s the deal with totally dublin magazine? Is it new?

  2. Hello Mr Redmond!

    Totally Dublin is a free listings magazine in Dublin that a friend of mine was interning in and told me to give the editor a shout. The rest, I suppose, is history! I don’t think it’s that new – going a few years anyway.

    What about you? Did you buy your domain name? I’d love mine to be offroadsatnav dot com but can’t afford to buy the name or whatever it is!


  3. Jacques Heffernan

    October 12, 2010

    So you basically talk about anything, or is it just like events which are happening and whats going on in the world?…..Looks quite good, i like to see what other peoples views are concerning some subjects. Problem is when i talk about things i tend to be complaining all the time.


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