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30 Day Film Challenge: Day Eleven

May 26, 2011


A Film By Your Favourite Director When I first sat down and read the list of criteria for this challenge, I deducted that I would most likely be putting three of this man’s films somewhere in the 30 days (which I have managed to stretch out to at least 40 at this stage, without being […]

30 Day Film Challenge: Day Ten

May 24, 2011


A Film With Your Favourite Actor (Female) This one was slightly easier than picking a favourite actor and I was able to sit down and think it out pretty easily. Funnily enough, the actress I’m picking was also, just as Michael Sheen was, in an excellent TV movie playing a very iconic character, not terribly […]

30 Day Film Challenge: Day Nine

May 19, 2011


A Film With Your Favourite Actor (Male) I have no idea who my favourite actor is. I like a vast number of actors, and many for different reasons. I go through phases, one could say and at this very moment I really have no idea who my favourite actor is. So, for the purpose of […]

30 Day Film Challenge: Day Eight

May 2, 2011


The Film You Can Quote Best I remember watching Michael Collins for history class in third year having never seen it before and thinking it was fantastic. Liam Neeson is immense in the lead role, Aidan Quinn the perfect jackeen as Harry Boland, Alan Rickman (after watching footage of the real De Valera) had the […]

30 Day Film Challenge: Day Seven

April 25, 2011


A Film That Reminds You of Your Past Yes I know. I’ve neglected the 30 Challenge possibly negating its point by not doing it on 30 consecutive days but shag that, I’ve been busy. Anyway, getting back to the issue in hand…  A film that reminds you of your past is a title that sounds […]

30 Day Film Challenge: Day Six

April 14, 2011


A Film That Reminds You of Somewhere: David Bowie calls it his “Spinal Tap” moment; kids who remember watching it in 1987 were terrified that their addled mother or father would find a Bog of Eternal Stench to toss them into; third level students watching it when they’re supposed to be finishing assignments wonder if […]

30 Day Film Challenge: Day Five

April 5, 2011


A Film That Reminds You of Someone This is a difficult enough criteria to fulfil. I don’t really know if any films remind me of anyone or (tomorrow, hopefully) anyplace in particular. So I’m cheating a little bit. On Facebook about a year, maybe more, ago, a friend linked a trailer for this film saying […]