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The Doctor Takes A White House Call

May 2, 2011


This time last year, Doctor Who fans (myself included) were gearing up to take a swipe at the new boy. Those of us (and there were many) who had proclaimed our love for David Tennant found the idea of replacing him absolutely abhorrent. We cried, we raged, we swore we’d give the new, odd looking […]

Hayes is on the Pitch…

November 13, 2010


. For most of my last 23 years the only pitches I’ve known are GAA pitches. Generally soggy, mucky and frequently set on a hill or next to a field that sheep regularly escape from… . Then I decided it’d be a great idea to be a journalist and have since had fun with a […]

London Calling…

October 29, 2010


. So it’s about four years since I was last in London and really hadn’t expected to be there again until I had managed to nail down a regular salary or just plain won the Lotto and given up on the whole being productive for money. . Neither of these two things have happened. However, […]

Telly Thursday Goes Deep Sea Diving

August 7, 2010


Haven’t I Seen This Show Before? . Yes. Yes, you have. . After-all, have you seen The Abyss (I hate you James Cameron)? Yes. Have you seen The X-Files at any point in your life? Yes? Of course you have. Let me see, what else… . The Deep is claustrophobic. It’s tense and it reels […]

Eccleston Gets Naked for Lennon Biopic

June 29, 2010


Chris Eccleston’s gone time-travelling again. No, that doesn’t mean that TV3 are showing Doctor Who reruns again. Nor does it mean that Chris has succumbed to the pressure from the boys over at Dead Ringers and gone and signed onto any new Star Trek endeavours. . No, what it actually means is that Chris has […]

If The BBC Releases Any More A2A Clips…

May 20, 2010


. …Anna will probably have to change the name of her blog from Off Road Sat-Nav to ‘the Quattro’s Sat-Nav’. . I miss the part where that sounds like a bad idea. . Anyway, presumably this will be the last clip released of the finale which I am now counting down the hours to. In […]

Stone the Crowe, Russell’s Back!

May 16, 2010


. With the latest release of the latest Robin Hood mash up, it seems about time to take a look at the current portrayer of the character and his career. Born in New Zealand but making a home for himself in Australia, it seemed only fitting that Russell Crowe would end up on one of […]