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What Can Save Lie To Me?

December 19, 2010


. There’d been whisperings since the third series came back a month too early. There’d been fears when there were ratings drops around the time of the AFL fixtures, or as Rupert Giles likes to call it “strapping on 200 pounds to play rugby”. Got love that dry English watcher… . But I didn’t come […]

The Top Five Ten Moments

December 23, 2009


With the Christmas episode of Doctor Who almost upon us, and so with it, the swansong of David Tennant, I felt, as a fan, that it was only fitting to take a look at Tennant’s stint in the iconic role and see how he fared out. . When Doctor Who returned in 2005 with Chris […]

Petitioning Shakespeare

December 11, 2009


With the Christmas season cast upon us, I turned my attention to that most coveted of Christmas literature – a TV guide. It is, after all, one of the vital items one must possess in order to beat the Stephens’s Day hangover and prepare for the Stephens’s night bender. * So, it only came as […]

A World Gone Mad With Political Correctness

November 22, 2009


So I see the Marks and Spencer people are under fire (from 8 people) for casting Gene Hunt in their Christmas ad this year. Well, they should have known really. He was always going to be crass and insensitive, and make the advert revert back on itself. (I would like to point out that I […]