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Avatar: The $500m Kiss of Death

March 14, 2010


. According to the critics Sunday night’s Oscars were a dull affair. There was one very important aspect though and that was The Hurt Locker winning Best Picture. If you’d listened hard enough, you probably would have heard Indie filmmakers everywhere rejoicing loudly and proceeding to set aside a mere $100,000 to make their next […]

JDIFF – Whiskey and Film, What more could you want?

February 1, 2010


. This article originally appeared on Totally Dublin’s website in Event/Festival Listings. . Our favourite annual excuse to skull whiskey in the back seat of the Savoy, the Jameson Dublin Film Festival is on its way back to our silver screens next month from the 18th – 28th February. Launched in Dublin last night with […]

List Upon List – Film 2000-2009

December 22, 2009


The Top Three Lists of 2009 . Ok, so a bit of a piss take title there. But I was doing a bit of research for a job application today, and had compiled a number of lists for the whole end of the decade thing that’s coming up. I don’t know what all the […]