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Alternative Eleventh Doctor…

June 1, 2011


Now I’m not for a single, underhanded, sneaking-in moment suggesting that Matt Smith isn’t doing a particularly excellent job as the Eleventh Doctor. Because he is, he most certainly is. BUT…. Is it just me that now has a wee wish in the back of their minds that this: had regenerated into this:

Tag! You’re It! And other stories…

May 17, 2010


. Ok, so the Ashes to Ashes craziness is nearly over and with all going well I shall be back to being a sane, working and established individual after this Friday. (Once I’ve had a good cry, deliberation and probably some more crying!) Of course, then there’s the Lost finale but I’ve really stopped caring […]

Public Enemy No. 1

January 15, 2010


WANTED FOR THEFT OF STEAK FROM UNDER CONSUMERS NOSE . Perpetrator is charged with: trespassing; unlawful entry; theft and possession with intent to redistribute. . At about 6:45pm, the perpetrator saw the briefest of chances, made a daring leap onto a dining chair, snatching his loot, with mere seconds to spare before retreating. The discovery […]

Val Falvey TD – Episode 2 Review

December 3, 2009


Despite a current addiction and subsequent “catching up” operation of recent American series Lie To Me, I took some time out of consciously lusting over Tim Roth to take a look at the second episode of Val Falvey T.D. in the hope that there had been some improvement. Episode 2, Scent of a Woman is […]

The Art of Irish Chat Up Lines

December 1, 2009


A few weeks ago, I ventured to Kilkenny city for a hen party. Langton’s at closing time. My sister, a few of the hens, the bride (hammered) and I were sitting at a table trying to decide whether to venture to the resident’s bar or stumble off to bed.   Cue, a very drunk man […]

Today’s Thought…

November 14, 2009


I regret to inform the general public that I will not be dying from Swine Flu today. I am far too busy.   Nor will I be getting the vaccination when it becomes available. The flu will likely be gone by then.