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Could We Dare To Dream?

October 2, 2011


Could we? Yes indeed we could. Should we? God, who knows? If anything can take our mind off of the constant doom, gloom and despair of this country’s economic situation; the crappy weather and, worse still, the race for the Áras; it’s our rugby team. The win against Australia two weeks ago has ripped Ireland’s […]

A JobBridge Too Far

September 19, 2011


I’ve been reading a lot lately about JobBridge, specifically a lot of criticism and scrutiny of the programme – it’s exploitative, it’s demeaning, it’s not doing what it’s supposed to do… All three, from what I’ve read and researched into the JobBridge scheme are pretty true. Many of us know these kind of schemes as […]

30 Day Film Challenge: Day Eight

May 2, 2011


The Film You Can Quote Best I remember watching Michael Collins for history class in third year having never seen it before and thinking it was fantastic. Liam Neeson is immense in the lead role, Aidan Quinn the perfect jackeen as Harry Boland, Alan Rickman (after watching footage of the real De Valera) had the […]

Pellow Alive in Jekyll & Hyde

March 8, 2011


One could be forgiven for believing the equation that musicals equal happy clappy fluff and flowers. One could be forgiven for approaching a musical with the idea that the happy ending still exists for this one form of entertainment medium and that at the end of the show everything will be alright for our hero […]

Daghdha & Circa lose Arts Council funding

March 5, 2011


Daghdha Dance Company is the latest institution to be hit by cuts to the arts sector in Ireland. Following on from gradual cuts in recent years, the Arts Council of Ireland has withdrawn all funding from Daghdha, leaving the company with no choice but to close down. The Limerick based dance company has been a […]

Jekyll & Hyde Hits Grand Canal Theatre

March 5, 2011


March is Muscial month at Grand Canal Theatre. Following on from the week long run of Stomp! Marty Pellow of Wet Wet Wet fame takes to the stage as the lead (dual) role in Frank Wildhorn’s musical take on Jekyll & Hyde.   I caught up with Sarah Earnshaw who plays Emma Crew, the fiancée […]

And Now The End Is Near…

February 25, 2011


  There’s just a little less than two hours left in General Election 2011 or #GE11 as it’s being heftily referred to on Twitter over the last 4 weeks. Somehow, it seems like it’s been going on for longer than a month though. In some senses it feels like it’s being going on for the […]