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What Can Save Lie To Me?

December 19, 2010


. There’d been whisperings since the third series came back a month too early. There’d been fears when there were ratings drops around the time of the AFL fixtures, or as Rupert Giles likes to call it “strapping on 200 pounds to play rugby”. Got love that dry English watcher… . But I didn’t come […]

Telly Thursday Gets The Snip

July 25, 2010


Telly Thursday has been suffering this week. Remember an Board Snip? It’s finally hit us and it’s chopped some of our words off. As a result, this week sees a gap in the space where we usually put our feature review (though in hindsight, there hasn’t been much on this week anyway…) . However, rather […]

Telly Thursday Lies To Tim Roth

June 17, 2010


It didn’t work. He saw through it. Right, smack bang, straight through the shiny lying centre of it. . We told him we thought his newly returned Fox spinner Lie To Me was pedantic, protracted and petty damn stupid. But apparently our microsecond long shoulder shrug signified that we had no confidence in what we […]

Fillion is King of his Castle

February 25, 2010


RTE are encouraging insomnia. At least it certainly seems that way when you consider the fact that the majority of their good stuff is on at Stupid O’Clock in the morning. We’ve got Mad Men on Monday nights, Damages on Tuesday and new addition, US detective drama Castle on Saturday nights, all airing at around […]

Val Falvey TD – Episode 2 Review

December 3, 2009


Despite a current addiction and subsequent “catching up” operation of recent American series Lie To Me, I took some time out of consciously lusting over Tim Roth to take a look at the second episode of Val Falvey T.D. in the hope that there had been some improvement. Episode 2, Scent of a Woman is […]