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Alternative Eleventh Doctor…

June 1, 2011


Now I’m not for a single, underhanded, sneaking-in moment suggesting that Matt Smith isn’t doing a particularly excellent job as the Eleventh Doctor. Because he is, he most certainly is. BUT…. Is it just me that now has a wee wish in the back of their minds that this: had regenerated into this:

The Doctor Takes A White House Call

May 2, 2011


This time last year, Doctor Who fans (myself included) were gearing up to take a swipe at the new boy. Those of us (and there were many) who had proclaimed our love for David Tennant found the idea of replacing him absolutely abhorrent. We cried, we raged, we swore we’d give the new, odd looking […]

The Top Ten TV Triumphs of Twenty Ten

January 1, 2011


. Meanwhile, the alliteration award goes to Anna Hayes who is procrastinating so hard she might just kick herself up the arse yesterday. . 2010 TV – everyone has their favourites. Everyone had stuff they did and didn’t watch. Or had stuff they watched bits of then never got around to watching the rest of […]

New Who Bites Off Enough To Chew

April 9, 2010


First things first, I am a Doctor Who freak. I make no apologies for that fact and henceforth, this following review is liable to be laced with robust amounts of fanaticism. Disclaimer ends here. . There’s been a sense of quiet anticipation for the last couple of months surrounding the complete and unmerciful overhaul of […]

Tennant’s Last Stand: Doctor Who – The End of Time

January 3, 2010


SPOILERS AHEAD So, I finally got to see The End of Time Part Two and really I’m afraid to say I was in no fit state to blog about it last night because I was reduced to the most basic display of sadness, i.e. – sobbing uncontrollably. . I know what people are thinking. I […]