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Could We Dare To Dream?

October 2, 2011


Could we? Yes indeed we could. Should we? God, who knows? If anything can take our mind off of the constant doom, gloom and despair of this country’s economic situation; the crappy weather and, worse still, the race for the Áras; it’s our rugby team. The win against Australia two weeks ago has ripped Ireland’s […]

The Horror, The Horror

January 22, 2011


“The Horror, the Horror” – ‘Heart of Darkness’ by Joseph Conrad My mother has threatened to feed me Valium twice in the last week. No joke.   The first time was when I read about David Drumm’s new (law) suit in the States, how he got a credit card with $15,000 credit on it and […]

When A Jersey Is More Than Just A Jersey

February 4, 2010


. So I’m writing a one act play at the moment and there is a point in it where a jersey is very instrumental to the characters. And it got me thinking about jerseys in general and the purpose of them, and why we spend obscene amounts of money on, maybe a new one every […]

2009 – The Year In Sport

December 18, 2009


Ok so I’ve gone and done another disappearing act for a while there but I’m back again now and I actually have accumulated some topics to write about during my few days of slacking. . And I suppose seeing as it is the 18th December, almost the end of the year, it is only fitting […]